Pro Edge Technology was founded in 2012 by Dale Bucy.  After 30 plus years in the machinery business Dale decided he could do it better.  Harnessing his extensive experience in machine tools, software, and service experience he decided to invest 3 years of his life and personal financial capital to create machines customers can profit from.  Through his extensive background Dale put his ideas to use and left his fingerprints on each machine we offer.  From the simple to the obvious Dale was determined to bring to his customers machines that they understand along with service they deserve.

The first machines were introduced for purchase in 2015.  During the 3 years Dale literally lived in China directing the details of design, parts, and fabrication of the products offered.  As Dale would explain, "I didn't go there to tell them where to put my logo.  I went to build the best machine possible and hold the standards of craftmanship required to finish the job."  Dale would probably add that being a manufacturer who imports takes a lot of time to get it right.

Each machine in our offering is tested at the plant and then put to use in our partner facility in production.  The influence of our customers and this facility brings the changes required to provide a lasting, productive machine that just makes sense.


Jon Daniel is Pro Edge Technology's National Sales Manager.  Jon comes from the woodworking industry with a heavy aptitude for CNC machinery and software.  In prior endeavors, Jon has been responsible for the process implementation of CNC processing systems.  Jon is very parts driven because that's what really matters to machinery consumers.  Understanding the constraints to producing a part is an approach that has proven successful in knowing our customer's needs.  Pro Edge Technology is proud to have Jon as a member of its team.  Jon is looking forward to working with you, the customer, on your machinery needs and creating a profitable work environment.  You can email him direct at


P.O. BOX 539 Ellenton, Florida 34222



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