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The Pro Edge Technology CNC Flat Table Router, PET 510-FT, represents the
latest in technology advancements and plays a critical role in today’s high production
demands in processing engineered and solid woods for the JIT manufacturing environment.

PET 510-FT CNC Router is unsurpassable in productivity, safety, reliability and
operational efficiency in its class.
  • Moving gantry (stationary table) type machine
  • 1 12hp router spindle
  • 8 position automatic tool changer with tool length measuring device
  • 1 2.25hp (1.7 kW) multiple spindle boring block
  • 9 independently selectable spindles for vertical drilling
  • 2 EUROVAC 9hp vacuum pumps
  • 4 x 8, 5 x 8, 5 x 9, 5 x 10 selectable vacuum zones
  • Fanuc Oi control, Fanuc drivers, Fanuc servomotors

With our specifically designed compact footprint, the PET 510-FT saves on floor space. The control panel
is stowed away underneath the router table, the vacuum pumps come standard with a 2-tier custom stand
and the PET 510-FT can be installed 4” from the wall on the Y-axis!!

CNC Router Technology for the Woodworking Industry!
Rigid Frame:
The base structure is manufactured of stress relieved, heavy
gauge steel with structural steel cross-members located at precise
intervals to provide an extremely rigid platform. The most advanced
CAD model structural analysis system has led to the development
of a structure which is able to withstand the most demanding
work environments. The PET 510-FT performs at high speeds
providing the highest output of product while maintaining a precision finish.
Linear Guide Rail System:
Top quality linear guides provides a high precision linear tracking system for the X, Y and Z-axes.
The ball rail systems are specifically designed to meet the extreme high load capacity and rigidity while
ensuring accuracy at high production speeds. All linear guide systems and axis drive systems are automatically
lubricated by the programmable central lubrication system.
Vacuum Work Table:
The vacuum table is made with a grid-type
tabletop for quick and easy placements of
spoil-boards or holding fixtures. The vacuum table
is divided into 4-zones which is electronically selected.
The table is equipped with 5 pneumatically controlled
pop-up pins; each pop-up pin is sensor protected to
ensure they are in the lower position prior to starting the router.
  • 4-zones: 4 x 8, 5 x 8, 5 x 9, 5 x 10
  • X-axis: 1600 mm / 63”
  • Y-axis: 3100 mm / 122”
  • Z-axis: 180 mm / 7.8”
  • Clearance between rake-off and table: 140 mm
Reverse airflow
on the router table is controlled through the
program while running or by the foot pedal
for ease of loading heavy material sheets.

Digital vacuum display and alarm.

2 (two) EUROVAC 9hp
(6.6 kW) Vacuum Pumps

  • Pumps are independently selectable
    through the router controls.
  • Selectable on/off suction on each pump.
  • Air intake filter on each pump.
  • Pumps can be set-up next to router or
    plumbed to another area of the shop.
  • 800mb vacuum capacity.
  • Complete with custom stand to ensure
    adequate airflow and minimizing floor space.
Electrical Control Cabinet
The stow away electrical control cabinet was specifically designed to save valuable floor space by utilizing the already existing space underneath the router table. With this smart cabinet design, there is no need to add space to the footprint creating a more compact machine.
FANUC Drive Systems:
FANUC AC brushless servomotors with digital drive units. The powerful motors accelerate from a standstill to full speed in 250 milliseconds while the digital drive ensures a smooth acceleration and deceleration ramp. The X and Y-axis drive systems utilizes a hardened helical rack which is bolted directly to the frame of the machine eliminating the transmission of vibration to the working unit. A hardened, precision ground, recirculating ball screw drives the Z-axis. A pneumatic counterbalance is utilized in order to offset the weight of the head which effectively eliminates the gravitational forces which ensures a long service life for the screw.
Fanuc Servo Drive Motor Fanuc Servo Drives  
Fanuc OiMF Controller System + PC Front End with Windows 7
With over 700,000 systems installed, the Series 0/0i from FANUC is the world’s most popular CNC model. Operators that already have experience with FANUC controls will be comfortable with the Series 0i in no time at all, with little or no additional training. Existing part programs will typically run without modifications. Each operator can select their preferred language quickly from any one of the 16 supported by the 0i, enhancing their comfort level and effectiveness.

FANUC’s proficiency of quality ensures that our CNC systems are the most reliable available. Statistically, a FANUC hardware fault occurs only once for every 27 years of productive service (MTBF). With the commitment of a 25-year parts availability guarantee, convenient local parts inventories, over 34 US locations, and economical repair and return services, you can look forward to decades of trouble-free.
  • AICC 2 package with jerk control, smooth tolerance control, machine quality level adjustment function / R386 & R660
  • 400 block look ahead
  • 8 maintenance and diagnostic LCD display
  • All digital servo package
  • Memory 512KB (1,280 meters)
  • 4 simultaneously controlled axis
  • Sub-micron control: least input increment .00001”, .0001 degree, .0001 mm
  • Fine accel/decal control
  • Inch/metric conversion
  • DNC operation
  • DNC operation from memory card
  • Program restart
  • Rapid traverse override 0%, 25%, 50% and 100%
  • Rapid traverse bell-shaped acceleration/deceleration
  • Incremental feed MPG x1, x10, x100
  • 1st and 2nd reference return
  • Nano interpolation
  • Automatic exponential G01 feed control
  • Feed-rate override from 0 - 120%
  • AI advanced preview control
  • Memory card memory input/output
  • High speed skip function
  • Tangential speed constant control
  • Work piece coordinate system 48 pairs
  • Custom macros # 0 - # 99
  • Macro common variables # 100 - # 199 and # 500 - # 999
  • Embedded ethernet
Portable, free standing PC interfacing panel with touchscreen monitor and closable lid to protect the computer from dust and debris when not in use.
Fanuc Industrial Control
is located inside control cabinet. PC is used as the interface.
PC Frontend with Touchscreen Monitor
  • PC is used as a static IP address only.
  • PC is used as an interface and memory storage of programs.
Fanuc I/O Device / Power Supply

HSD Electrospindle:

  • Power S6 9kW / 12HP
  • HSK tools
  • Automatic tool locking and unlocking with pneumatic piston
  • Short nose
  • Poles 4
  • Bearings front ceramic
  • Bearings rear ceramic
  • Bearings long life lubricated
  • Max rpm 24,000
  • Spindle body aluminum alloy
  • Weight 26 kg
  • Cooling forced air
The Automatic Tool
Touch-off Device
used to automatically measure
tool lengths anytime a new tool
is installed or spoilboard is
machined. Once tool touch-off
is complete, tooling data is
automatically installed into
Fanuc Control.
Tool changing block,
tool touch-off controls and
storage for tool touch-off device
centrally located on front of machine.
8-position ride along tool
changer with 8 HSK tool
. Tool changing is on-the-fly
so there is no downtime when bits
are being selected and changed
by the program.
Delta Servo Drive on tool
changer, complete with tool -present
sensor to avoid tool crashes with
router when changing tools.

HSD Boring Head:
The boring head is controlled by a VFD which allows for a soft start ensuring a long boring head life.

  • 9 independent vertical spindles arranged in an “L” shape at 32 mm center-distance, 4 of which are placed along x and 5 along y.
  • (1) 1.7 kW / 2.25hp motor: VFD spindle rotation speed can be programmed between 4000 - 6000 rpm.
Built-in Dust Collection with Automatic Blast Gates
The built-in dust collection system consists of 3-zones; the boring block,
the router and the material rake off system. Each zone is independently
controlled through the program and when the zone is not in use the blast
gate automatically closes allowing for optimal dust collection by the zone in use.
Rake-off system in its “parked” position Rake-off system in
its “working” position
2 Handheld Pendants
1st Pendant has an Emergency Stop, a Cycle Start for program, Cycle Pause for program, a program Stop-Reset and Spindle Dust which raises and lowers the dust shroud around the router. The selector knob allows the operator to control the program router Feed Speed from 0 to 120 percent. This pendant is connected to a 24’ cord for freedom of movement around the machine.
2nd Pendant, known as an “MPG” (Manual Pulse Generator), allows the operator to manually jog all 3 axes and can also be used to sequentially step through the program being run.

Material Rake-off System with Built-in Dust Collection
The rake-off system’s dust collector is programmed to remove all the dust from the
working zone while pushing the finished product off with the spoilboard AND when
returning to its “parked” position. There is no need to blow off the dust from the
router’s tabletop between set-ups allowing for quicker processing of material;
saving you time and money.
Photo Eye Barrier
The electronic photo eye barrier protects the operator
from the movement of the gantry. The photo eye barriers
extend off the front of the machine by approximately 48”.
Once the photo eye barrier has been broken the machine
goes into pause mode and the operator must press the
Cycle Start button to resume running the program.
The PET 510-FT has been specifically
designed and engineered to maximize shop
floor space and ensure total table coverage of
both the router and all spindles on the boring block.
With this design the rear Y-axis, as shown in this
photo, can be placed within 4” of the wall. Many
machines on the market today require a 32” to 36”
offset from the wall, wasting your valuable shop
floor space. Our design saves an average of 42
square feet of shop space on just the router
alone. When material handling is added to the
router, this can save up to an amazing 72 to
102 square feet of valuable shop floor space.
Material Handling System
Our material handling system allows for quick set-up time;
typically only a 12 second material loading time is required,
allowing for 65 to 90 sheet capacity, per 8 hour shift, compared
to the 30 to 35 sheet capacity without the material handling system.

The material handling system saves on time and labor cost
by up to 50% and reduces your power consumption.

More product gets out in less time!

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